Why OTT/CTV should be part of your ecommerce advertising strategy in 2021


More people are shopping online than ever.

Get Their Attention



The surge in streaming over the past 6 months has created a captive audience for ecommerce advertisers. OTT/CTV advertising makes possible:

  • Hyper-targeting of an ideal audience
  • Interactive and engaging video campaigns
  • Clickable omnichannel /cross-device strategy to drive consumers to purchase
  • Tracking and attribution of website visits and revenue from a campaign

Rethink how you drive customers to your online store with Strategus OTT/CTV advertising solutions.



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right audience

at the

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It's the right time to capture attention with OTT/CTV advertising


Brick and mortar shopping has declined.


Online shopping has increased by leaps and bounds, even for baby boomers.


Take a look at the stats...


increase vs decrease in digital spending by generation since the covid-19 pandemic

Ready to get your campaign in front of this growing number of online shoppers?





US Consumers that Intend to Do Most of Their Holiday Shopping Online in 2020


71% of Consumers Plan to Do Most of Their Holiday Shopping Online in 2020


For ecommerce advertisers, now is the time to leverage 2020's virtual landscape.


How will you guide these US shoppers to your online store as they begin planning for the holidays?


Your answer might be found in today's surge in streaming... If you want to be seen, you need a presence on OTT. Scroll on to learn more.

A Surge in Streaming






35% of Americans are streaming an additional 2 hours of content per day since COVID-19 hit. This creates great value for ecommerce advertisers, increasing the ability to reach the right audience each day, with precision.


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What's It Like to Work With Strategus?



Check out these results...


A pet supply company needed help increasing both ecommerce sales and curbside delivery. In 2.5 months, Strategus leveraged CTV to generate:

  • $93,370 in ecommerce sales
  • $22,200 in attributed brick and mortar and curbside delivery sales
  • $115,570 in total revenue
  • A 490% return on investment


How did Strategus make it happen?

Download the case study to learn about the layered targeting strategy and tracking methods used to produce $115,570 in revenue.



The Strategus Difference

Strategus pioneered programmatic OTT/CTV and is a leading partner to clients across the country in services like advertising strategy, planning & buying, campaign optimization, and reporting & analytics with OTT/CTV attribution-tracking.

Marketers Should Expect Better Attribution




Strategus' industry-leading Attribution Suite ditches the one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, it offers an ever-evolving menu of attribution products to more closely monitor and optimize OTT/CTV’s role in e-commerce. It answers the question, "Who saw your ad and what then did they do?" with insights like:

  • Post-view website attribution
  • Online purchase attribution
  • Foot-traffic attribution
  • UPC attribution
  • Inferred brand impact
  • Conversion tracking


Understand what actions the viewers of your ads are taking.


Explore the cutting edge



Leverage Highly Valuable Data for Pinpoint Accuracy


If you're not leveraging OTT advertising, you might be missing out on some incredibly valuable data.


Strategus has a vast library of 180+ data partners, both online and offline, including:

  • Amazon's vast library of shopper data
  • Nielsen
  • Oracle
  • Mastercard and more 


For e-commerce advertisers in particular, overlaying these types of quality data sources can help deliver your campaign to the ideal audience.




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Curious how OTT/CTV advertising can help boost ecommerce sales?

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