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Are you driving CTV performance with multi-touch campaigns?

Your connected television (CTV) ad strategy shouldn’t take place in a vacuum. On the contrary, it should be linked with efforts to reach the same viewers multiple times. CTV ads run in data-rich digital environments — making it possible to follow people who’ve been exposed to your brand across different devices and marketing channels.

For instance, a car dealership could design a campaign that retargets people who’ve been exposed to their business on CTV with streaming audio ads that they consume while driving to work. Likewise, a University could retarget prospects who saw a commercial for their school with display ads prompting them to apply online.

When done right, CTV retargeting makes your campaigns as clickable as possible. This leads to increased conversions and revenue per impression.

So what are you waiting for? In our Complete Guide to CTV Retargeting, we detail everything required to make the most of your CTV efforts.

Download the guide to learn:

  • How to integrate CTV advertising into full-funnel campaigns.

  • What KPIs you should prioritize to measure campaign success.

  • How to use attribution to tie your CTV efforts to foot traffic, online purchases, and more.

Find out what’s possible with CTV advertising and start driving performance today.




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